Arise oh ailing soul arise!

The Lord your salvation has come to rescue you. You whose sin has cast down in despair, your hope is risen, Christ your savior is strong against your sins, you who are scared to approach his minister in confession, Christ’s is powerful mercy permeates all generations through the ministry of his priests. His priest is a symbol of his mercy and NOTHING MORE!

Arise now and return, abandon now your sinfulness, abandon now all the lies of yesterday, all the stealing and cheating. Abandon now all the fights and bickering, all the hatred and malice, abandon now all the evils of the night and open this heart of yours to the Light of the risen Christ. Abandon now all your lustfulness, all the fornication, adultery, masturbation and all sexual sins. Arise now and leave all your inordinate affections, abandon your unwedded sexual partners and return, for they tear you away from the Love of your lord, they make your participation in Church useless and all your prayers abominations before the Lord who is Holy.

See the Lord

See the Lord calling your heart through these words addressed to you, he has woken me and has given this word to my heart, and I am speaking it, your heart is its goal, its prize, it is your heart that the Lord wants to win. Indeed you have been a catholic for long, yet you have distanced yourself from holiness, now, right now is the time to return. Not tomorrow for you cannot promise an hour to yourself, not next week because you cannot promise yourself the grace he now gives you.

Return now and come back to the Father through his Son.

He is calling and longing to see you, has promised never to remember all your sins, so do not fear how big they are, he has promised to create in you a new heart so do not fear how hardened your heart has become. He has promised you a new Spirit, so do not fear how cold your spirit has become. He indeed shall recreate you when he comes to kiss you, he shall bedeck your finger with the ring of adoption, your body shall be robed again in royalty, and the heavenly host shall feast in your honor.

Hear Christ saying with tears in his eyes: “Return, my love, return to your Lover. Your Lord who made you, He alone loves you perfectly, for when no one knew you, I loved you already before I created you, return to me my child and have the peace you long for. Return”


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