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Why I Must Seek The Truth

My goal must be to seek the truth because, in our world, only the truth has any utility and enduring power. What would I do with untruths if not to deceive myself and others with me?

What will I benefit if I jump to conclusions if it leads to anything else other than the truth? What does that afford me, if not hatred and death at worst or a waste of my limited time at best?

So I must strive to see things as they are, hear the truth from others, and not twist stories to suit my emotions. That is how truth can turn to untruth because of my current need for comfort. But no one told me the truth must be true and comfortable at the same time. Truth by design is meant to be uncomfortable since it demands exclusivity, requires devotion, and demands sacrifice. How can something like this be anything but uncomfortable?

Truth, at least at the beginning, is this way. However, in the long run, it can bring healing and freedom for those who have accepted and swallowed the bitter pill of truth. Healing the eyes to see the world in its naked form and the feet to run freely to what is good and from all that is destructive, even things that seem attractive on the surface will show their nature in truth. And he who is in truth shall see through the veneers that lie to the eyes that they are sweet when they are truly wells of enduring bitterness and death. All those things, which are death at their core, can masquerade as life on the surface, but only those in truth can see through to their bones.

Therefore, I must seek truth or die seeking it, for this is my only chance at freedom, perfection, and salvation. Truth is light, light is freedom, and freedom is salvation.

Truth is salvation and life.

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