St Joseph of Cupertino

St Joseph of Cupertino

Joseph was a Franciscan friar from Italy, he is a mystic. He is about the most popular saint to levitate. He spontaneously rose in t

he air on the October of 1630, in a procession honoring St Francis of Assisi, the founder of his order. According to the story, he remained in the air for quite sometime before eventually returning to the ground. He’s patron saint of pilots and astronauts.

St. Bernadette of Lourdes

St Bernadette of Lourdes


There are a number of Saints whose bodies are miraculously preserved forever without any

human intervention such as embalming. Bernadette, who has been dead for more than a century, has been reserved from decay till today. Some saints are totally preserved while some are preserved only in part. Like Saint Anthony whose tongue was preserved.

Miracle of Fatima

During the apparition of our Lady at Fatima in 1917, she promised, through the three shepherds to work a public miracle to prove the authenticity of their message/vision.

At high noon, after a patch of rain and clouds, the sun suddenly appeared in the sky as a spinning disk. According to witnesses, the sun then zig-zagged towards the Earth. This miracle was officially sanctioned by the church in 1930.

The Nun and the Statue, Atika, Japan:

A Nun  saw a vision of Mary in 1973,  and afterwards began to bleed in her hand, this stigmata was also later seen on a wooden statue of Mary around June that same year. This statue cried and sweated from time to time over the next few years. It had the same stigmata on the same hand as Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa, the visioneer. No one could tell why. Scientists collected samples of the blood, sweat and tears and proved they were real and human. Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa later got cured of total deafness following her reception of this vision, even though she had no treatment.

St Martin de Porres

Martin was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who was beatified in 1837 by Pope Gregory XVI and canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. He performed several miracles in his lifetime and among them was his ability to be in two places at once – literally (bi-location). Martin de Porres was seen by several people in distant places like Mexico and Japan while he remained at home in Peru. De Porres would provide proof of the journeys in his other body by means of a detailed description of the locations.

The Eucharistic Miracle of 595

At Mass, in the year 595, one of the women who assisted in preparing the bread for Mass started scorning the faith of the Church about transubstantiation. She believe it was ridiculous to hold that the bread would actually become the Body and Blood of Christ. Pope St. Gregory, who was there at the time, denied her communion. After a while, the very bread she prepared turned to actual flesh and blood. Some of this relic is still seen today in Anechs, Germany where it is housed.

The voice of Saint Clelia Barbieri

St Clelia was a beloved Italian religious in her times, who before passing away from Tuberculosis at a young age of 23, promised her parishioners she would never abandon them. Her voice can still be heard audibly. The voice was first heard miraculously exactly one year after she passed in the form of high-pitched singing at times even singing alongside the church choir. Till today, people can still hear her voice in the communities of Usokami and Wadakanchery.


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