Holiness means becoming one with Christ by means of his Church.

Since the Church is the body of Christ, she is by virtue of this mystical union, divine and human like unto Christ her spouse. We, who are members of this Church are members of the body of Christ.

The call to holiness is an ordinary vocation of “Being”. Being a Christian, being a Christ. That is what holiness entails; being united with Christ’s body in faith, hope and love. Being united with her (the Church) thoughts, and dreams, and being united with her in action.

Baptism is based upon a presupposition of faith. There can be no baptism without faith, there can be no true faith without the Church. The call of Christ addressed to us is to be like him, to resemble him and to be united with him. “learn from me for i am meek and humble of heart” “I am the vine, you are the branches, cut off from me you can do nothing” “remain in my love“.

There can be no holiness without a community, there can be no true holiness without this identification with a body. since the faith shared by this body flows from the Authority of Christ, the head, the nourishment that this faith gives also flows from this head to all the members. If one is cut of from this body, he has lost this faith, if one has failed to put this faith to work, he has lost this faith. Holiness therefore means, having this faith, and putting it to motion by works of Charity. Anything that suggests leaving this community (the Church) or being cut off from her faith or Charity, means becoming something other than Christ; it means becoming unholy, for Christ is our holiness; He is our goal and prize to whom our lives are ordered.


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