ALL prayers are powerful because God always listens, however, from what we can observe from our lives it seems some prayers attract God’s “attention” more than others. Maybe because of how pleasing the words are to him and how they conform to his will (which is usually a big problem for those who make untenable or even sinful requests), or because of the person who authored the prayer, like the “Our Father”. We have created this list to encourage the practice of devotion and prayer.

The Mass:

Well, i know you suspected that. The Mass is very powerful since it is part of the Liturgy and it flows directly from Christ himself. Christ, through the Church and particularly through the ministry of his priest, offers himself to the Father for our sake.

Father….   Look with favour on your Church’s offering, and see the Victim whose death has reconciled us to yourself. Grant that we, who are nourished by his body and blood, may be filled with his Holy Spirit, and become one body, one spirit in Christ.

When the priest stretches his hands and utters these and other words of the Eucharist, with all the rubrics and the gestures, it is actually Christ who talks to the Father for our sake. Imagine the power ! When the Father looks upon the Sacrifice of the Mass, he actually will see his Son in the Priest, in the Congregation, in the Liturgy of the Word and most importantly in the Eucharistic species.

There is no prayer nearly as effective and as powerful as the Eucharist (Mass). Other prayers close to this category are all other liturgical prayers of the Church. Liturgy of hours and the rest. They are powerful too since the entire Church echoes their voice, with the same words, at the same times, to the heavens.

The “Our Father”:

In my opinion, this prayer is singularly powerful because it comes to us from Christ himself. It doesn’t have lots of confusing words, it has everything in it beginning with praise to God’s majesty, to a request for pardon and then ends with protection from evil. The prayer of Christ makes about every request a man could need all of his life in one single prayer. It is also powerful because it conforms with the will of God. God cannot answer our prayers when we ask for selfish or even harmful things. Some people pray for success in a sinful mission. I have heard rumors about armed robbers praying to God for a successful operation and fraudsters asking God for “increase”.

Then you wonder, “are they talking to God?”. Yes they are talking to God, but is God listening? He most certainly isn’t. However, when one immerses themselves in the prayer of Christ, better still as we have in the liturgy, you are moved to pardon others, to be protected and to receive all that you need for bodily nourishment. This to me, is the most powerful stand-alone prayer. The mass is only more powerful because it is the actual sacrifice of Christ to the Father.

The Rosary

For centuries, prayers to the Blessed Mother have been ranked second to Liturgical prayers (i omit the “Our Father” since this is part of Liturgy and the Rosary and contributes in making them really powerful too). Among the Saints, Mary is the most powerful since she has a singular privilege of being God’s own mother. Can you imagine how powerful she must be with God? Some Saints dare to say that Mary “commands” her Son, and this makes sense (only figuratively though), since Christ is the best Son, and consequently the most loyal and obedient.

The Rosary is about the most poweful prayer to Mary, one that she recommends almost in all of her apparitions. It is always “daily Rosary and Scapular”, but mostly the praying of the Rosary. Some of us have witnessed firsthand and have heard tales of the wonders of the Rosary and it’s efficacy especially against the powers of hell.


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