His gospel

Whenever the devil says “eat of this fruit, you will become as gods”, (i.e. when he invites us to sin) remember he is “the father of lies”. Also remember that Adam and Eve never got better as the devil promised, but actually “died in sin” as God had forewarned.

The fulfillment of the Devil’s promises is ever postponed. He never gives the satisfaction he promises. At first he will say: “Have (illicit) sex with him/her, you will be happier”, when you have done this, you realize how terrible your life has become instead.

He postpones the promise and tells you

“Okay one more sex, one more, one more, one more, one more, one more….”

And it never ends. When you have gone very deep into sin, he tells you “maybe your life needs more variety of sins to be fulfilled, go and do more !, more sex, more lies, more hatred, more gossip, more unworthy reception of the Eucharist, more fallacious Confession”. When your life has become neatly woven in sin, he says to you “forget it, God cannot possibly forgive your many sins”. All he says are LIES !

What do we expect to get from Sin? An act of sin is a “Yes” to the promise of the enemy, when you reject him “he flees from you” when you heed the command of God, you destroy any attachment to the enemy. Sin cannot satisfy, God cannot deny forgiveness to a SINCERE HEART.

ARISE TODAY, come back to the Father (if you are still far in sin), reject the devil “and all his works and promises”, turn to Jesus who alone has power to satisfy your soul.



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