‘The coming of our God

Our hearts must now employ

Now let us meet him on the road

With thoughts of holy joy…’


When I was little, I used to imagine that if Christ came visiting at my house, I would always be found wanting. I usually kept my room clumsy, clothes were scattered all over the place, shoes with dirty soles were worn in to the room, wet towels were hardly dried outside and sometimes I’d sneak out snacks from the refrigerator and hide them in the room to eat. I sure knew that if Jesus passed through the street, He just would not bother pressing the door bell.

There were times when mother would always warn, complain and correct. On serious occasions, strokes of the cane were used to direct me to clean my room.

However, there were times when mother would notice that the jobs were too much for me to handle. She will order me out of the room and clean out the place leaving it spick and span. The difference is outstanding. When I cleaned, you could notice grains of sand gathered in different areas of the room. When mum cleaned, she would raise the bed frame, dust the furniture, clear the cobwebs then sweep and mop the entire room. When she’s done with the cleaning, she would leave some air freshening fragrance in the room.

I observed that because I usually couldn’t keep it as clean as my mum always did, and because my strength could not take me far in lifting objects and clearing cobwebs, I got used to relying on mother to do all the work for me. Sometimes, I never bothered to attempt the cleaning, I would quickly go straight to her and ask, ‘Mummy please can you help me do the cleaning?’

She would in turn reply, ‘Of course, I can. I will clean it up for you.


As the season of advent draws her curtains, a lot comes to mind about waiting on God. First is that Jesus will come to those who waiting joy, whose hearts are ready to receive him. He will reconcile with the father those who are not right with Him. He will give satisfaction to people who have a deep learn to do with is right. The one who is ready to let God in is the one who realises his powers in the sacrament of reconciliation. This is the seat of mercy, where one hears I absolve you, accompanied by His band of benediction; blessing the sinner with all blessings that would not just keep such one away from evil, but with powered to conquest the demons of sins.

Second is the preparation to meet with Jesus when he comes again. Again and again He gives us the opportunities for renewed encounters with him; yet he gives us the freedom to either accept or decline these invitations. In preparing to meet with Jesus, we must be like Zacchaeus, climbing all the trees of opportunities to mercy, ignoring the face of the crowd and their I condemn you chants, and aiming straightaway for the face of Jesus whose love is unrequitable. Zacchaeus had his limitations, yet he looked beyond them and got his home ready for the feast, the encounter and the victory. These too are received by the man who prepares, doing all he can, to meet with the One who perfects every effort.

Third is the Intercession of the Intercessor of all saints, the mediator, the helper, your mother, our mother- The Refuge of sinners. She is the one who helps us lift the heavyweights, clears the cobwebs, dust the furniture, cleans and freshens the room of our hearts so that her Son comes in for he feast. Nothing is as joyful as having a feast with a major throwback towards our hidden ugliness, since He judges by the intentions of the heart. Our dear mother is the help of those in distress. The one whose mediation destroys every evidence or picture of darkness the devil had once place placed in our rooms.

Finally, let us make this Christmas a memorable one- a season for introspection and recollection, a joyful Christocentric celebration; the reason for our liberation and our eternal happiness. With each feast and lives centred on the baby Jesus, we hope to remain faithful children, defending the crown our baptism gives us as king, prophet and priests who declare how his birth have long delivered us from darkness to walk in his wonderful light.

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