St. Matilda’s Novena of the Three Hail Marys

By May 18, 2017 Prayers, Prayers to Mary
St. Matilda’s Novena of the Three Hail Marys

Please pray the following for nine successive day for Mother Mary’s most powerful intercession. Start your prayer every day with this invocation: “Mary, my kind Mother, preserve me today from all mortal sin.” O VIRGO POTENS, O OMNIPOTENTIA SUPPLEX O Mary, Powerful Virgin, nothing is impossible for you. Through this same power with which you graced the Father Almighty, I beg you, help me in my present needs. Since you can help me, do not abandon me. You are the Advocate for helpless causes! It seems like the glory of God, your honour and the good of my soul are demanding the concession of this favour. If, as I think, this grace agrees with the very loveable and holy will of God, I ask you, O All Powerful Supplicant, intercede for me with your Son, who can refuse you nothing. I ask you again, in the name of the limitless power that the Heavenly Father gave you and in honour of which I say to you, together with St Matilda to whom you revealed the practice of the “Three Hail Marys”: HAIL MARY…etc.


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