An old friend of mine could not understand how a human being can survive without sex. Considering i was undergoing my first process of initial conversion he said “I really want to change for good, but the problem is, i cannot stop sex”

My words prove little help to him as in his heart he believed it was impossible to break free.

Years into my formation, i began speaking with people who had similar belief and i discovered that majority of the youth with ample sexual engagement had the same belief.

Then i realized the trick of the enemy : he makes people depend so much on sin that it seems impossible to live without it. But really, is it possible that YOU, yes, YOU can give up a sin you are so attached to? Be it sex, stealing, lying, drug, or any other sin?


However, you must first believe in the power of God; you must trust in God’s ability to free you. I too was delivered from a life of sinful addictions. Indeed, i still sin, but i no longer relax in sin, i have begun the bloody unending war against all sins without any exceptions. You can also begin yours, it could take time before you begin to see victory, but to me, beginning this war is victory since it meant throwing the devil away from one’s life. He will make noise, fight back and threaten, but at least, he will do that from outside your life.

I really wish that every youth in the world will realize the amount of energy wasted in promiscuity, and how productive we would have been if we learnt to be chaste.

Chastity isn’t an outdated virtue, it hold all other virtues together, carefully rooted in humility. I pray for all youth, to learn to live properly, however you need to work your way out of sexual sins, or work hard to remain chaste if you have no attachment to this sin already.

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May God come to our help. Amen.


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