Glorious St. Joseph,
model of all those who are devoted to labour,
obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously,
putting the call of duty above my many sins;
to work with thankfulness and joy,
considering it an honour to employ and develop,
by means of labour,
the gifts received from God;
to work with order,
peace, prudence and patience,
never surrendering to weariness or difficulties;
to work, above all,
with purity of intention,
and with detachment from self,
having always death before my eyes
and the account which I must render of time lost,
of talents wasted,
of good omitted,
of vain complacency in success
so fatal to the work of God.
All for Jesus,
all for Mary,
all after thy example,
O Patriarch Joseph.
Such shall be my motto in life and death.



  • Roberta says:

    Please bless my son Nick with the job he is being interviewed for, so he can provide for his family, heal and bless his relationship with Holly bring them closer and stronger , in jesus name I pray

  • Acapodaca says:


  • Karen alberini says:

    St. Joseph
    I would like if you would ask Jesus for the grace to go one more mile with Him and with more love. My 3 adult children have succumbed to Satans trap of
    Heroin addiction leading them to much mortal sin. I am at my weakest . Please ask him what shall I do. I go to Adoration almost daily. Pray for me to have patience trust and most of all love. Keep me from interfering with your work in my children.
    With gratitude and all my love Karen

    • Rem says:

      Dear Karen
      Pray the rosary one for each son until the day of Assumption of our Lady present them to our Queen tell her you intention. You could also do some penance(continue rosary) upto the 8th September Her feast day you’ll definitely see big difference.
      Ask for St.Joseph watchful eyes upon them.
      May God hear you supplication n I’ll keep u in my prayers.

  • Herminigildo felix says:

    Please bless me st Joseph so that my paper was send to employer as marketing executive be seen or read by personnel and interview via Skype amen

  • Shyrel says:

    I trust in u st joseph in jesus name Amen halleluah

  • Sergie Factor Elesio says:

    Please Bless me st. Joseph to become a regular for my work as being a Headend operator for this cable company ..amen.

  • Dolores says:

    Plz pray for my brother Manuel he is battling colon cancer . Pray for his disability to go through. Amen

  • rowena says:

    St.joseph Please bless me with my exam and interview today,in Jesus name Amen.

  • Celeste Olsen says:

    I pray this prayer for my son who is having a tough time at his new job.

  • Cris Alegada says:

    Blessed me O Lord God for me to have a work, I hope that I got hired in the company that I’m applying for. And become successful in work. Pray for me Saint Joseph, that I will past my medical examination and all my illness will be cure.

  • Joseph benicolo R. berones says:

    Just guide me lord and also my family friends and to all my love ones . Bless my family give them a healthy life. And guide them all the times, and hope u’l be my light to my goal. Lord hope to all the challege that u give to us is your test on how we solve it and I know that u will not give us a challege that we cant solve. In the jesus name AMEN thank you lord .

  • Ninya says:

    Please bless us and guide us as we seek the right job in this country… amen

  • Maria T. says:

    Oh.. glorious Saint Joseph pray for us who have recourse to thee. Pls. look upon me when I am on my graveyard duty. May the special kids that I am taking care of will always be blessed as angel of God. Amen.

  • bhing says:

    St.Joseph hear my prayers and obtain and grant my petitions..

  • Ritinha Blanche Luis says:

    Blessed St. Joseph pray for us..amen.

  • Jackie says:

    amen! For Joseph.

  • chioma says:

    Glorious St. Joseph, please bless me with success in my interview. Amen

  • Atorough John Terese. says:

    I pray you St Joseph to enable me get me a Job that meet my needs both Spiritually, financially and otherwise. Amen

  • enita says:

    The job near my home so I can provide a stable income for both my mom and daughter. Amen

  • Imoh, Joseph-Mary Ogar. says:

    Oh Glorious St. Joseph, my Patron Saint, grant to me and my beloved family the grace to bear all the hardships I am passing through at the moment with love bearing in mind that you are always there interceding on my behalf at the foot of the Cross of you son Jesus. Give me the grace to put more efforts to the service of God Almighty through the Work He has given me inspite of all odds, strives, difficulties and orchestrated by both human and non-human to bring me down. Dear Patron Saint I beseech thee to come to my aid at the difficult moment to carry my cross to the end, all these I ask of through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

  • Joma Canaveral says:

    Oh Glorious St Joseph please bless me with sales every month and reach my quota so I can continue helping my brother and sister and continue supporting my parents. Thank you.

  • Sylvia Bankson says:

    St. Joseph. Help me to do my work without complaints and with patience. Help and guide me. In Jesus name I pray

  • Mary Garcia says:

    Please pray for my Son Inlaw he needs a job . He has been laid off for months from oilfield they are loosing their home and car .. 2 children and my daughter that is sick from lung problems please .. Amen

  • Sylvia Bankson says:

    St. Joseph. Helo me as I go to work today. Please help me to work with order and patience with others. Pray for me. Amen

  • julie maese says:

    St. Joseph, please help Anthony in his interview today, pray for him to be successful in obtaining this job, if it be according to the Father’s Will, in the name of Jesus I pray, thank You Amen

  • Marissa says:

    St.Joseph please help my husband to have a good job and heal my son..Amen

  • Sylvia Bankson says:

    St Joseph help me to work with love and patience. Amen

  • Cathy Waero says:

    Dear St. Joseph….I pray that I may get good clients for my business, I pray that I may apply the best strategy to get more business and to succeed and be the best in my work in all honesty. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, patience, acceptance and God’s favour. I pray that this work will help me achieve the goals I’ve set for myself, and I pray that I may be able to provide my family with the comfortable life that I so much desire for them. AMEN!!!

  • Monz says:

    Beloved St, Joseph, thank you very much for all thy help, blessings that you have showered us together with my co workers we implore thee thy grace, continue to guide, keep us safe, protect us from ill intention people & not to abuse thy kindness. Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tulong at gabay, I love thee. Amen

  • Benedict says:

    St. Joseph please pray for me so that I can secure a new well paying job with favourable working terms & conditions. The company I worked for was recently closed down and I have a beautiful family that I would like to continue to take good care of.

  • Denise M. Jones says:

    St. Joseph bless my 2 adopted grandchildren DJ & Kaitlyn so they get accepted for the job at the new VA clinic

  • violet says:

    I trust in you Saint Joseph, please guide me in all my uncertainties . Thank you for all your kindness and guidance. Amen.

  • gaezelle gamet says:

    Please St. Joseph bless me courage and strengh so i can continue my work…. and please always guide me and my family…. please St. Joseph guide me and lead me to d right way…. and please St. Joseph make my employer good to me please please,,,

  • O glorious St. Joseph, please pray for my son’s continuous recovery and to love his job in the recovery center. May by your intercession to our Lord Jesus my son will consider his work a life time there as he recovers one day at a time. Please tell Jesus that we are so much thankful for his daily recovery while at the same time working in the rehab as recovery coach. Thank you, St. Joseph. Amen.

  • Chris says:

    Saint Joseph, protect my husband’s job, and ask the Lord to restore me to good health so I may work. Amen

  • JL says:

    St Joseph pray for me to get a better paying job with favourable working terms & conditions to be able to support my mother and myself. Kindly present my prayer intention to your loving son Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Beninah says:

    St.Joseph, pray for me to get a better job
    next month. I have faith in Jesus Christ our Lord that all things will be well.

  • alexamira says:

    St Joseph, please do favor that my husband can find an overseas job in Libya so we can have a house of our own and we can also help our children.

  • St.Joseph, I love working and my tools.
    Please help me to be busy working as much as possible. And help me to get all my tools for work. Thanking you for your help always. With all my love.

  • Daniel says:

    Saint Joseph help me achieve success in my haulage business today so i can pay my children school fees and other liabilities for glory and honour Amen.

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