By June 26, 2015 Prayers, Prayers to Saints

Dear St. Anthony, because you experienced
disappointments and sickness in your brief life here,
I salute you the more respectfully.
Your own life assures me that you understand my need.

There is nothing so humiliating as sickness.
It forces us to depend on others,
leaves undone our daily tasks,
upsets our self-assurance and composure,
and makes us feel useless.

Help me, then, good St. Anthony,
in sickness and trouble.
Teach me, please, how to profit spiritually from my bodily ills.
Intercede for me with God so that my health may improve.
When recovered in body,
let me be also improved in spirit, too.

I ask this blessing for the honor of Christ, our Lord,


V. Pray for us Saint Anthony,
R. That we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.


  • Cynthia. says:

    St. Anthony Pray for us. Beautiful prayer with a lot of feeling.

  • PAT says:


  • Tina Santos says:

    Please keep my nephew who was diagnosed with cancer and my ailing parents. Amen.

  • Judie Cleary says:

    Please pray for my husband Joe who is suffering from his 3rd type of cancer..Thank you.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen

  • Augustine S. Vaz says:


  • conchita semine says:

    Saint Anthony pray for me and my family to keep us away from sickness and bad people around.

  • Amy says:

    Thanks fir posting my saint for the year 2015

  • St Anthony helps us angd protect us from any illlness specially my wife and my eldest brother”pray for us

  • Scholastica Nangiro says:

    Please pray for my niece Adome and my friend Millicent who are suffering from asthmatic attack. Amen.

  • Sylvia bankson says:

    St. Anthony pray for all the sick. Amen

  • SARAHMAY says:

    Saint Antony Padua, i pray for my mother Desideria j. Dona, please touch her and heal her.

  • jeanie says:

    Blessed St.Anthony pray for us….Amen

  • Rosie says:

    St. Anthony pray for my son’s cure for cancer, and my ailing parents, Amen

  • phyllis sestito says:


  • Valerie says:

    St. Anthony Padua Pray for us. Amen

  • Thank You our Patron Saint , Saint Anthony de Padua

  • Karla says:

    Please pray for my friend’s mom whose going for a major operation on the 20th

  • renee bukszar says:

    For you M.

  • Rodolfo Palma says:

    St. Anthony,pray for us,Amen

  • Christy Sta.Ana says:

    St.Anthony pray for the fast recovery of my asthma and ulcer..AMEN!

  • Susie says:

    St. Anthony pray for Rudy as he was diagnosed with renal failure and has been placed on dialysis. That his health may be restored. AMEN!

  • HILDA says:

    I pray for complete healing of body and soul Àmen

  • Marilou says:

    Please Saint Anthony Padua…touch the heart of my special someone to always remembering to me…I wish forever together to me and everlasting my life with my children someday….

  • Marie says:

    Saint Anthony I ask you In Jesus name to help and heal my husband Asaad in his cancer .Amen

  • kathleen lowe says:


    • Abey Agres says:

      St. Anthony pls pray for all who are in suffering of any illnesses. That they may remember the suffering of God in the calvary. By sharing the cross of God, may they find peace in heaven with Jesus our Lord and our God, amen!

  • Marilou Filomeno Gatmaitan says:

    St. Anthony please pray for my uncle Narding who has a tumor in his pancreas, may God heal Him

  • Era says:

    Pray for me and healed all my illness Saint Anthony De Padua………Amen!

  • St. Anthony please cure the pain I’m feeling in my shoulders and specially in my right knee so I could be able to continue my catechetical works for the glory of God. Amen.

  • IRIS SPITERI says:


  • christopher abeysekera says:

    DearestSt.Anthony,At this moment i remember the refugees in Iraq,Syria and Ukraine who is suffering a lot because of Terrorists attack,please intervene through our Lord Jesus Christ to overcome this problem and defeat the Terrorists speacially the isis in the middle east,Amen in Jesus’s mighty name!

  • Sherry Tubb Rodriguez says:

    Saint Anthony pray for my Husband, his health, healing his back and neck . Help to be able to walk normal . Pray for my Mother to continue to get better and better & heal her right foot so she can walk on her on. She had a stroke and we are so blessed the after 2yrs she got everything back except the right foot & her speech is better , but please pray for her and intercede for her & my Husband .
    Pray and intercede for my sister ‘s health
    Her back , kidneys and head . She takes care of my Mother around the clock .
    I was there with her for three years and it was easier on her , but my husband had
    Two major surgeries And I had be with him . Please ask God for David not to do the third very major surgery unless it will
    Help him a great deal. He is also become so bitter, complains all the time , wants me to be with all the time , he is jealous because I help with my Mother a couple days a week. I have to because my Sisters health is not good. My Husband expects me to take care of him all the time. My health is suffering , he is become
    Very selfish. I have to help him , but I am going to help with my Mother.
    Please intercede for all of them & ask God to heal them please .
    I love you Saint Anthony & thank you.

  • nati lapitan says:

    Dear St Anthony please pray for the healing of our grandchild ..LEI who lost his HEARING due to miningitis..May God heal him to be healthy n normal kid…thank you Dear Almighty Father

  • rosemarie says:

    Prayers for myself, hubsand and my son on health and the rest of my children and financial. ..

  • fredeswinda says:

    O most Saint Anthony De Padua pray for the complete heal of the pain in my neck.and please also heal my father who is very ill name Juanito B.Gantalao.i ask this in jesus name i pray..AMEN

  • Nerissa D. Janiola says:

    Please help my ailing mother and prevent my family from sickness.

  • Chinwe says:

    I lift this prayer on behalf of my son who is currently in NICU. God please grant him speedy recovery and bring him home to me. I ask this through Christ my Lord, Amen.

  • tess says:

    St anthony i ask for your help and pray for my sick brother who has dengue. Amen.

  • Sergie Factor Elesio says:

    St. Anthony de padua .. i ask for your help and pray for my sick of my daughter ..all illness will cure …I ask this through christ our lord ..Amen…

  • Antonio Alfred says:

    A million Thanks to you My dear St. Anthony. On June 1952 when I was infant, I stopped breathing for more than Two(2) minutes. My Mother prayed so hard and you put me backed to life, so she named me Antonio. From then on , My Mother never ever missed to to say prayer of Thanks to you every Tuesday with me until today. I named my son Anthony after you and he is getting all the best blessings as we speak.On September 2009 , I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer . Again you saved my life ,all with our God’s intercession. I still have my ups and downs but I am always confident that you will always be there for me, and I am always thankful to you our dear St. Anthony. Please grant all the request of those people who are sick because I am confident that you will never abandon them like the way you save mine. Amen.

  • Dolly Casa says:

    Mama Mary please heal me and my sisters Sol and Eva for all our sickness i know you abrme always there for us to heal guide and protect us thank you very much mama Mary and I love y.ou very much.

  • Dolly Casa says:

    St Anthony please heal me my sisters Eva and Sol guide protect and help us of all our probllems thank u. So much and wem love you very much

  • Rosa says:

    Thank you for this, for I was really depressed .

  • Romeo Episcope says:

    st anthony pls grant me a prayer for my illnesses together with my family and protect us form any harm in our everyday’s life in jesus name. amen…

  • chand says:

    Dear saint Anthony please pray for me and my family and for my health.

  • Graciela says:

    St. Anthony please heal us all in the family in Jesus name especially my husband Ed of his stomach upsets myself and my children of our worries, fears. May us all my brothers and sisters be healed from any complications fromdiabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart failure. Restore us all to good health so that we may all continue praising HIM. AMEN

  • dennies says:

    pls healed my family my love and me all people and bless thank you amen

  • Irene says:

    Saint Anthony de Padua,please pray for us,my Mother,my 2 Daughters,my whole Family and everyone who is suffering from sickness.Thank you so much!Amen!

  • anna says:

    please help us with annie, to make the right choices for her.

  • Jasmine Fernandez says:

    St Antony please pray for me n my family keep us away from all sickness n bad people who always speak negative about us

  • caroline says:

    St Anthony please pray for us I need a healing for my back pain amen

  • St Anthony of Padua pray for us and my Ekweogu’s family.

  • A says:

    Thank you for the prayer St Anthony Padua

  • Please pray for me St Anthony,im suffering!

  • NANCY HUDSON says:


  • veronica says:


  • Pia E Parket says:

    Please saint Anthony intercede por mi ante Dios nuestro senor por mi que me encuentro muy enferma, deprimida, tengo que tomar antidepressants y los efectos secundarios de estos me producen mas problemas, como constipacion, maledtar distencion en el vientre. Ayufame a redolver esta dituacion y si es la voluntad de Dios que me operen y asi poder tener una vida normal. Te amo y por los meritos de nuestro senor jeducridto dadme salud. Te amo y te venero lo mismo a Maria santisima, con los dones del espiritu santony la gloria de Dios Padres. Amen.

  • Rachel NEVAREZ says:

    Saint Anthony hear my desperate prayers for my loving fathers health Ezequiel Nevarez to be restored from End Renal Stage. My father is on Dialysis and also has Teberculisis Peritinidis and is in a lot of physical and emotional pain on a daily basis! He is a man of love, faith, family and charity! He never complains about anything. I ask of you Saint Anthony to please put your healing hand over him and help him feel complete again! In the name of Jesus. Amen! 👼☝😷

  • Irene Odhiambo says:

    St. Anthony, I kindly request you to intercede for my dad who diagonised with liver cancer. Pray for his healing in Jesus Name.

  • Michael emmanuel says:

    St Anthony intercede for me, 4 my brother Bartholomew to b made well

  • Nada says:

    St Anthony intercede for my family to God our Father for each and everyone one of us is suffering from sickness. My father is in hospital suffering from Elhzimise deases. That we may be healed in Jesus Almighty Name Amen.

  • Yolanda Luna says:

    St. Anthony I ask that you pray for my mom Marylou Luna who had a stroke and is now in ICU with hemmorage to the brain. I am desperately asking you St.Anthony to put your healing hand over my mama she is one of a kind she always there to lend a hand and to be there foe whom ever might need her.

  • veroline kah doh says:

    St Anthony please pray for me and my family and keep us away from all sickness.

  • tina says:

    St Anthony de Padua, please pray for my daughter, husband & I to be healed from malaria & cough. Amen!!!

  • Adeel Pervaiz says:

    st. ANTHONY OF PADUA; plz prayer for me and my family . pray for us jesus gave me son . ameen

  • antony leena mary says:

    St Anthony of paduva plz pray for my Anju mam who is suffering from severe back pain… And cure him without operation…

  • Monica says:

    St Anthony pray for me to be able to be relieve of pain so I can sleep and for me to have a successful operation at desire date date in Jesus name .pray for me that s will be the last operation in Jesus name

  • Sona says:

    Beloved St Anthony tthe heale, heal all the sick, all those who suffer with pain, all those with mental health issues, and last but help me heal of what I suffer in Jesus name Amen.

  • joanne mylie says:

    prayers for my son Jason who is in hospital, has crohn’s disease and surgery today…

  • Sylvia Bankson says:

    St Anthony of Padua pray for all who are sick heal their bodies and spirit. Amen

  • kingsley onyemerekwe says:

    St anthony pls I comitt my health issue into your hands and pray for all round healing and also for those that are sick and cannot voice out there prayers I pray you should come to their aid

  • M jordan says:

    Pray for my aunt who might have a serious illness She is our life and one of your followers. Please bless her and give her a clean bill of health. And we need her in our lives. Bless her

  • Burgula sunil says:

    St anthony give me good health n to my family also give the stranth so that I stand in jesus name amen

  • Cuppy says:

    St Anthony please help my sick father who needs a miracle to heal he loves you and believes in you.s I do. Thank you..amen

  • Maria kelly says:

    Please help Bernard thanks saint Anthony

  • Oscar Villnueva says:

    Saint anthony please help me with my sickness pray for me for a faster recovery… amen

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