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Oh Blessed and Immaculate Virgin,

our Queen and Mother,

refuge and consolation of all those who are in misery,

I, prostrate before thy throne with all my family,

choose thee for my Lady,

Mother, and Advocate with God.

I, with all who belong to me,

dedicate myself forever to thy service,

and pray thee, oh Mother of God,

to receive us into the number of thy servants,

taking us all under thy protection,

aiding us in life, and still more, at the hour of our death.

Oh Mother of Mercy,

I choose thee Lady and ruler of my whole house,

of my relatives, my interests, and all my affairs.

Do not disdain to take care of them;

dispose of them all as it pleases thee.

Bless me, then, and all my family,

and do not permit that any of us should offend thy Son.

Do thou defend us in temptations,

deliver us from dangers,

provide for us in our necessities,

counsel us in our doubts,

console us in afflictions,

be with us in sickness,

and especially in the agonies of death.

Do not permit the devil to glory in having in his chains any of us who are now consecrated to thee; but grant that we may come to thee in heaven to thank thee, and together with thee to praise and love our Redeemer Jesus for all eternity. Amen, thus may it be.

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