PRAYER OF ST. POLYCARP (On the day of Martyrdom)

By February 23, 2016 Prayers, Prayers to Jesus
PRAYER OF ST. POLYCARP (On the day of Martyrdom)

When faced with challenges to your Christian life, try a version of Polycarp’s Prayer of Martyrdom:

“Lord God Almighty, Father of your beloved and blessed Son Jesus Christ, through whom we have received knowledge of you, God of angels and powers, of the whole creation and of the whole race of the righteous who live in your sight, I bless you, for having made me worthy of this day and hour, I bless you, because I may have a part, along with the martyrs, in the chalice of your Christ, to resurrection in eternal life, resurrection both of soul and body in the incorruptibility of the Holy Spirit.

For this and for all benefits I praise you, I bless you, I glorify you, through the eternal and heavenly High Priest, Jesus Christ, your beloved Son, through whom be to you with him and the Holy Spirit glory, now and for all the ages to come. Amen.”

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