By December 21, 2015 Prayers, Prayers to Mary

We praise Thee, O Mother of God.
We acknowledges Thee to be the Virgin Mary.

All the earth acknowledges Thee as the Daughter of the Father.

All the Angels and Saints serve Thee.
The powers and all Dominations obey Thee.
The Cherubim and Seraphim praise Thee (crying)
Holy, Holy, Mary Mother of God and pure Virgin heaven and
earth are filled with Thy glorious majesty.
The glorious Choir of the Apostles praise Thee.
The admirable company of the prophets praise Thee.
The white-robed army of Martyrs praise Thee.
The Holy Army of Confessors praise Thee.
The Holy Church in all the world acknowledges Thee.
Thou Empress of infinite Majesty and worthy Mother of God’s only Son.
Also Immaculate spouse of the Holy Spirit.
Thou, O most Holy, Virgin, art a Queen of honor.
Thou art the chosen Daughter of the Eternal Father.
In order that man may be saved. Thou hast conceived the Son of God in thy womb.
By Thee, the old serpent was crushed, and Heaven was opened to the faithful.
Thou dost sit at the right hand of Thy Son in the glory of the Father.
Thou art believed to be the reconciler of the future judge.

Therefore, O Mary we pray Thee to come to the assistance of Thy
servants, whom Thy Son has redeemed with His precious Blood.
Make them to be numbered with Thy saints, in glory everlasting.
O Mary, save Thy clients and bless them who honor Thee.
Govern them, and lift them up forever.
Day by day, O Mary, keep us from mortal sin.
O Mary, take pity on us; please take pity on us.

Show Thy mercy to us we have hoped in Thee.
O Mary, in Thee have I hoped,
may I never be confounded. Amen.
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