We know how it is, you could say a prayer for a millions years and yet seemingly get no answer. Remember by the way, that “No” is an answer. Also, one of the reasons why God doesn’t answer our prayers is because we ask for things contrary to his will. He wants to answer us, but he also wants us to be saved. If you are asking for something incompatible with your eternal salvation, God will most likely not attend favorably to your request. However, there is a prayer that God always answers:

Prayer for the gift of the Holy Spirit

God wants us to be holy, to be like him and to make heaven at last. There is no prayer more agreeable to God than asking for the gift of His Spirit, this is the prayer he always answers. Whenever we ask for anything that brings us closer to Him, he listens very keenly.

The beautiful part?

Many of the things that worry us might never leave us. There’s no time we spend on this earth without some worry no matter how little. There’s never been a second in my adult life that i didn’t have something that bothered me. Be it my job, my family, health, spiritual life, even about other people who aren’t related to me: i always have something to worry about. But, when one is aligned with God’s will, we are joyful no matter what. God can give you that indescribable joy with which he blesses his Saints, when we receive His Spirit we are content, happy and fulfilled. And when we are filled with this Spirit, whenever we pray to God, he listens the more since the Spirit in us shall move us more often than not, to ask for things that are in line with God’s will.


Before you begin a prayer, ask for His Spirit, and before you conclude, ask that His will be done. You will be more content and joyful that way. And your prayers will be answered more often than before.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful !


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