By June 4, 2015 Prayers, Prayers to Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
You wanted all who are weary
To come to You for support.
Lord, I am worn out
By my inability to find work.

Guide my steps to a righteous path;
Give me the patience
To find opportunities with a future.
Calm my worries and fears
As my financial responsibilities mount.
Strengthen my resolve;
Embolden my heart to open doors;
Open my eyes to see life beyond rejections.
Help me believe in me.

Let me realize other ways
To bring about Your kingdom on earth.
Let me grow as a person
That I may be worthy
For Your greater glory.
In the name of the Father.



  • Sebaatian ngowo says:

    I neeed prayer u don’t have any amployment

  • Roberta says:

    Please bless my son Nick with a good paying steady job so he can provide for his family, bless him with a home of his own , please bless him with the financial resources to pay his obligations, In Jesus Name I Pray

  • Rufi Gill says:

    I need a job please reply me

  • jessy amos says:

    I pray for my beloved boyfriend to get a good job and lord’s blessings upon his life. In the name of jesus amen


    Dear lord, I come to you with all my needs, mostly job which a have being searching for, father by your word, you said ask and It shall be giving unto me, knock it shall be open unto me, search i will find, lord God almighty, my father, and my God, I pray you, open doors,divine favor, break through, on my job search, most of all protect and keep me and my family’s in your part forever, in Jesus Christ name Amen.


    Prayer for all helpless, needees, widows, widowers, the Christians all over the world that going through pains,hard, hate and all kinds of trouble.

  • tricia says:

    Pls pray for me to have a job amen

  • Apple says:

    please pray for me that i can be able to find job…

  • maria teresa bocalbos says:

    I pray for my brothers reynaldo and dennis to have a permanent job to support their respective families, Amen

  • also my husband we need job urgent to provide all expenses especially to our 4 children please help us to pray in jesus name amen. god speed.

    • nolwando says:

      Please lord bless me and my brother and the father of my child to have a good jobs and I ask lord to bless the people that are in need of jobs like me I pray in Jesus our gods name amen

  • justin says:

    Sweet JESUS, give me a heart full of thanksgiving, berry the new law in my heart and increase my love for YOU.

  • chidi says:

    I claim this prayer and so shall it be in jesus name

  • Denise S. says:

    St. Anthony we need your help please, please intercede on my husband’s behalf during his unemployment. Sweet Jesus, please continue to give us strength and not to give up. Help us to continue to place our trust in YOU even though it is so hard to believe, place YOUR arms around us and confort us, In Jesus name…A,en

  • Florence says:

    Lord, u know me more than I know myself. I beg u father, to look with pity upon me and give me that job, which u indeed reserved for me, through Christ our Lord.

  • Bernadette says:

    Pray for me to get a job I have applied for.

  • Mahesh Poojari says:

    Plz Jesus full-fill my all dreams.. Provide me one good job.. help me…Amen

  • hayat says:

    Pray for I facing financial problems.

  • Deji says:

    Recent graduate seeking employment, I am looking unto God for a career. And God bless those seeking employment as well.

  • Gay says:

    Pray for me to find good job for my children future

  • Angelita Quinto says:

    Almighty God Father,please help me to find a job or a stable job,I come to you with all I need,as you have said,knock first I open the door,ask and I give unto you,God our Father,I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable job,I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path,and to lead me to find the proper things and do in this quest.I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given to me,but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment and give me your graces to do what is the best.Amen.

  • JL says:

    Almighty Father help me find a stable job have been searching for a very long time. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given to me,but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment and give me your graces to do what is the best.Amen.

  • shibi says:

    Please pray for my brother to get a Job


    My son read accounting but has not been able to find a good job. I also need support from donors to support my writing and publishing career

  • terry says:

    we are working together as build team work , it is financial company. if any person interesting to work with us, contact me at email below. god bless you.

  • kiki says:

    I have been unemployed for 3 years now. I suffered a disabling heartbreak in 2007 which lead me to a new career path. I haven’t been able to put myself back on track since then and now I am suffering the longest stretch of unemployment in my life. I wonder if I will ever get put back together. I am angry and frustrated and hopeful all at the same time. I just prayed this prayer, and with every bit of strength in me I hope God hears my prayer.

  • mmegwa vivian says:

    Because he said in his word, dat he wish above all things dat yeh prosper even as our soul prospers,am believing GOD for a good job after my nysc.amen……

  • Ezeobata .R. Chinasa says:

    O Lord, please Bless me with a good job

  • Dominic says:

    Lord Jesus please help my wife to get a Job in her expertise field Amen

  • Emily says:

    I love Catholic faith on Facebook coz it reminds me of all the teachings I had forgotten. Thanks for the great work may the faithful Lord award you abundantly.

  • John Jackson says:

    LORD JESUS thank you for the jobs you have guided me to. I do not feel I am ready to retire, I ask you to guide me to activity to help others.

  • FRANCIS says:

    Tanks father fr been deir fr me,fill me up wit ur glory an make me see d best out life,solve my financial worries an gv a job I will b proud of amen.

  • Anne says:

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  • Dionisia Danag Patron says:

    Please for me to have a job again in denr in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  • walter says:

    In Jesus thank you for this prayer. Amen

  • wapena M says:

    Pray for me to have the better employment and so I will be able to help myself and my dependants, Amen.

  • Joseph Berkman says:

    Jesus I need a job and financial help

  • Odessa says:

    Lord Jesus King of Heaven and Earth I come to you and asking forgiveness for all of my sin. Please guide me as I am weary. I am not happy with my work, all the stress, the people surrounded me, back-stabbed me bless them. Lord please help me find a new job which I can handle easily, make more time with my family and kids. I need the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide and help me find a new career In Jesus name. Amen

  • ifeoma says:

    Tanks for the prayers of unemployment,truly I believe God have hand in dat prayer. Amen

  • Lord, i thank You for always being there for me and my family…never have i experienced You turning down my requests… i know Lord that You are always ready to extend us Your loving and helpful hand. i pray that my daughter marie jocelle may be able to find a good paying job to enable her to save for the rainy days and she be protected from the mindful nose of her mother-in-law, that she may be treated well with respect and love by her husband and in-laws too, that my son-in-law may also try to distance himself from his noosy mother and instead try to focus on his dream of becoming a good shepherd to Your flock, give focus on his job or maybe find a new job that would enable him to fully support their needs as a couple and their financial obligations including that of his parents… grant them (my daughter & her hubby) a loving and harmonious relationship, good health, enlightenment and protection. these i pray in the Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus… Amen

  • pedss says:

    Bless me and my wife to get a job in abroad.amen.

  • favour says:

    My father,my father bless me with a good job.amen

  • Makata says:

    My Lord and my GOD Bless me with good and profitable job. Amen. St Anthony of Padua, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Padre Peo pray for me. Amen, Amen and Amen.

  • Annastasia says:

    Our heavenly father, through Jesus Christ im praying to find decent job in the midst of my countrys economic issues. So that i can financially suport my family. Help me lord see a life beyond rejection letters. I believe everything asked through Jesus shall be. Amen

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