Look up to heaven God always has something to give you. When you fixate on your problems you forget to look up at what God is offering you from above. Jesus is the only one who genuinely loves you without conditions. He wants to bless you, he wants to show you how much he can love a soul. He only wishes you accept this love freely, because no one can force love upon you, he has made you free to choose; no one can say “I must show you love, and you MUST love me back”. Jesus proposes betrothal to your soul, he expects a “yes”.

Yes, to keeping his commands.
Yes to loving your neighbors and forgiving them
Yes to meeting him in the Eucharist and receiving him worthily
Yes to having recourse to his word in the Scripture
Yes to obeying his Church without question.
Yes to struggling against sin always, and rejecting the reign of the enemy in your heart.

When your reply have remained “Yes” you will be sure to receive the promised reward for all those who have been steadfast till the end.

May his peace be upon your soul always.


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