The communion of saints, is a great feast that gives us a higher hope, above all our frailties. It is a reminder that we all have struggles: those stuff that we go through in the dark, when all the stage lights have gone off and the curtain is drawn in between the scenes and acts of our lives. We all have those little habits which may grow into addictions- worse than drugs and strong drinks- yet we ignore them in our struggle for perfection.
We also have challenges, like tough times in life; where our faith and consistency are tried.

We want to be seen as impeccable, so we appear on life’s stage as made-up faces and characters paying no attention to the most important part- the green room- where all the change and rehearsals take place. Sometimes, the stage is a reflection of what the green room looks like, and the like light casts a shadow of our form from the dark room; we choose to ignore it because we are so interested in pleasing our audiences. We are yet to realize that Christ wants us to live for Him, not by the approval of the world. Some want to feel us as we are, others want to deal with anything good-looking.

How about the pressure to just do what the crowd wants? Sometimes, it works when you want to attract. But, does it work when you want to connect, keep and grow spiritually?In our struggle to overcome habits, addictions and all sorts of weaknesses, nothing is more important than having friends who have gone through this journey and have come forth victorious.

The saints are our heavenly friends, whose intercessions enable us overcome these life struggles. They are people who have been both in the dark room and under the stage lights; seen enough and done enough, to the point that their continuous quest for satisfaction leads them back to God-who is just and only enough for all men.

However, the assurance of heavenly friendship is not enough. What is soul-inspiring about them is that they embraced their weaknesses, owned up to their inabilities and hung on to the garment of the God of grace.

Would we be judged for not being who we ought to be-mere dust who subdues the earth? This is the reason our Lord tells us that only the truth sets free. He deserves truth from our innermost parts. This is exactly what made the Saints. This also implies that until we realize that our Creator is come to perfect our weaknesses, and until we realize that he truly did not come to heal those who are already ‘healed’, then we would drown in denying our habits.

Heavenly friendship, is not just a belief in the communion of Saints. It is a constant reminder that the struggles that seem to overwhelm us have been undergone by mere humans like us. These people did not just overcome; they became purified by embracing this weakness and by persevering to become better each day.

A relationship with heavenly friends, who we simply refer to as patron saints, is a vital part of the life of a Catholic. Saints are the coaches who help us win the race- and claim the prize also. Of what use is a coach, if he knows nothing about the game? His opponents will merge victorious.

The saints, as coaches, know the game. They lead us by the hand throught the rough paths to Jesus-The Great Victor. Their lives inspire us to seek their help for God’s divine intervention.
The greatest, is the assurance, that The Almighty never loses a battle.

Again, a good coach dies not only give instructions, he is the example of what he wants to show you. The Saints, your patron saints too, are perfect examples of people who have been here and now, up there enjoying the eternal recompense of the Beatific Vision.

One who is a Catholic Christian, therefore, ought not to be afraid to stretch forth one’s hand, to be led by heavenly friends, coaches and examples; into the place where Christ perfects all imperfections.

Our belief in the communion of saints is also an assurance that we shall one day be transformed from mortality to immortality. For as man fellowships with the divine, the spiritual directions from the Church triumphant enables us walk through the fires that our spiritual mentors have courageously undergone and have emerged victorious.

We look forward to this crown. We believe. We hope. We wait.

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