Hold on, before you draw conclusions, you should understand what this title means. I will not jump into it, but will let it down easy.

God knew when he called you that you will not come to heaven by your own strength, he knows that you will SURELY land in hell if he does not support you with his grace. Without the grace that comes from the Lord, nothing on earth will merit eternal reward in the first place. We have our reward from the Father, through the Son In the Holy Spirit.

Some people who try to love God and be faithful to him, find themselves faltering and doing the exact opposite of what they really mean to do; they sin and sin against God and are deeply distressed. Sometimes they cry and wonder if they will ever be free from the habits of sins that envelop them.

Now i want you to understand something:

What God wants from you is not to please yourself, when you pray, give alms, Jesus says you should be sure not to derive any satisfaction from them, to “not let your right hand know what the left is doing” to do everything “in secret”. Now God alone knows how to weigh the quality of our actions. When we are distressed because of our sins, Jesus knows about it, he understands our situation and he keeps offering us fresh opportunities to grow and become better.

See it this way:

God knows that we are in the middle of a war, he expects us to make it home to him. He has prepared a place of treatment for those who have sustained wounds on their way home. He is not concerned how dirty you are, how many wounds you have sustained, he just wants you to NEVER STOP MOVING, he wants you to keep going, staggering, running,jogging, JUST KEEP MOVING !

When you are hit and are mortally wounded (SIN) he expects a quick paramedic access (Confession) in order to get you back on your feet. Just NEVER STAY DOWN. You cannot be defeated until you lose heart and die. The devil knows that he is not succeeding just by making you commit several sins, he succeeds when :

1. You REFUSE to confess and be healed
2. You LOSE HOPE of being forgiven and no longer bother to confess.
3. You doubt the mercy of God.
4. When you abuse the mercy of God by not being sincerely repentant of your sins even while you confess them. I.e. by saying “i am sorry” in the lips, but in your heart you harbor the direct desire/plan to sin again.

When its about a habit, lets say masturbation (because many people have messaged us with this problem), or any other bad habits. You are guilty of this sin, it eats deep into you, you keep confessing it often. What makes the difference is your disposition to God’s light and grace. There are two kinds of people in this (you can also apply this to other sins)

Class One:

1. You really are disturbed about this sin, you want to change, but a little later you find yourself committing it again.
2. After committing it, it haunts you (in healthy degree, not put too much crippling fear in you), you are hurt for breaking all your promises to God, you are disturbed, and you destroy everything that linked you to this sin (like pornographic images, videos, sinful friendships, illicit “sex partners”).
3. Then you hurry to a priest and confess sincerely.

I assure you, God forgives and helps you, but you must try not to become complacent, once you become relaxed in this sin, once you begin to slow down the fight, the enemy will conquer you by making you tired of repeating the same confession, or asking for mercy, or will make you refuse mercy, doubt God’s mercy or abuse it by presumption

Class two:

1. You commit this sin but are not really sorry about it.
2. You go to confession anyway JUST TO RECEIVE Jesus in the Eucharist and nothing more.
3. You have pornography even when you confess to the priest. i.e. you refuse to separate yourself from all the offspring of this sin.
4. You are presumptuous, planning sins ahead and fixing confession times in-between to “trick” mercy out of God just to be clean enough for another sin.

I assure you, the grace of God is far from you and heaven is far as well unless you reject sin and begin to struggle like the “Class One” above.

Why have I written this?

I have written this because many people get easily discouraged, they think that the Gospel says that only the perfect will be in heaven. Yes this is true, but God’s plan takes our human struggles into account. He only asks for co operation with his grace in order that he may save the sincerely humble and contrite.

God knows that you will fail without the Sacraments, without the aid of the Church, without his grace. He knows that you may not arrive whole, so he has made preparations for you. He just wants you to remain faithful and trust his mercy. Even when things seem so dark, trust him still. Only be sure to be really sincere and contrite, never delay
confession and look for a priest to personally guide you through your bad habits and you shall be healed.

Don’t give up

So never be discouraged again when it seems you are not growing spiritually, when it seems your prayers mean nothing because of distractions, when it seems like nothing you do is really making you holier. LEAVE THE SCORES TO GOD, he alone should judge results, he just wants you to KEEP MOVING, arrive heaven with one eye, one leg, one arm, it does not matter. JUST ARRIVE THERE ALIVE !!!

When you get there, God will fix you again and make you whole. Just never give up, never relax and enjoy sin, never sin against God’s Mercy and Spirit. Be strong ! Use the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist to stay in touch with his grace and mercy and you shall never hunger or thirst. Never sin anymore, drop it, throw it away, have life, fight all your bad habits.


I wish you all the best in the struggle.

We love and pray for you, i hope to see you all there !

Kindly help share this message to all !