Well, nothing can be more relieving than being absolved. It is not just about the “feeling” one gets, even though this is usually present when one’s conscience is unburdened. It is also about a real sacramental gift of love from God to our souls. God, through his Church is administering salvation to souls and you and I can benefit from this indescribable love given with such largesse, with such grace, with such generosity that if you think about it, you’d wonder “what is wrong with God?”


Love is wrong with God. He loves too much, that is why he now sits in paradise with St Criminal (Dimas, the repentant criminal on the cross), St Prostitute (Mary Magdalene), St Denier (St Peter), St Adulterer (King David), and a host of other criminals, miscreants and hooligans. God forgive my language, but, if you think about it really, it is true. God is just too much love !

These people were called, cleaned and made worthy of such great reward, obviously, none of them died in their sins. But the beauty of the whole thing is that no matter how low we sink in sin, we can still be saved and receive the reward of the Elect.


The only danger there is in receiving the Eucharist and Penance is that of abuse. Some people do not properly examine their consciences before going for communion or for confession. When we receive Jesus in mortal sin, our cases worsen, and when we abuse confession by approaching Christ with a heart still firmly set on sin, probably with instruments of sin with us, we worsen our case. We insult God’s mercy and show we have no remorse in us. You must approach the Eucharist with no mortal sin, venial sins should not keep you though, but mortal sin should stop you from approaching. Go to confession first, but God with a repented heart. Even if you are still weak, go, even if you do not know how to go about stopping a sinful habit, keep going every time you falter. But NEVER MOCK GOD BY WILLFULLY CHOOSING TO STAY IN SIN.

Read the following article i published on my page some years ago: 

I am sure you have prepared yourself to receive Jesus in the Eucharist tomorrow. But i do not think receiving him tomorrow ONLY is enough, it is STAYING with him.

Whenever you go for confession bearing in mind you JUST WANT TO RECEIVE COMMUNION FOR A WHILE, you “Cheat” on God whom you should love. You simply “rob” him and run; you approach him with the plans of hurting him later on. This is NOT CONTRITION, this is DEATH !

Going to Jesus because we want to ALWAYS BE WITH HIM is the one and ONLY way to receive him worthily. You cannot plan to sin against the Lord whom you claim in your prayers (Act of love) to love “Above all” and “Never to sin again” and still nurture the plans of hurting him even while kneeling to receive Penance or the Eucharist. This is fraud and a big sin on our part.

Jesus wants those who are sincere “Father, i have sinned” and they mean “Father, i have sinned against you, i am sorry, i DO NOT WANT TO SIN AGAINST YOU ANYMORE” and not “Father, i have sinned, forgive me today, i want to sin tomorrow, i hope your mercy will remain for me then”.

No matter how many times the priest says “I Absolve you”, you have not been forgiven, instead you may be guilty of even greater sin, that of “Lying to the Holy Spirit” and deserving of “death” which is portrayed in St Peter’s encounter with Ananias, and his wife Sapphira. (not physical death, but committing a sin against the Holy Spirit)

You cannot Sin, come to Jesus’ pool of mercy, (which he suffered and died to give us) and still lie to him, trying to trick him. Oh, what else do we want Jesus to do that he has not done?

Prepare your self, but NEVER APPROACH Jesus in the Sacraments if you are not sincere. If you are suffering from a sinful habit , COME ! Jesus will heal you, but never lie or try to trick him by planning sins ahead or living with instruments of sin or sinful companions.

If you go for confession today and sin tomorrow, go back to the confessional, keep struggling against sin, Jesus will always help you, forgiving and helping you up every time, but NEVER LIE about it, admit your guilt, repent sincerely, and Jesus will make you new !

Lord have mercy !

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