The Incarnation means that the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, who is GOD in Person and Nature, took another new Nature and added to his Person. He can only be ONE PERSON, and not TWO PERSONS, He is ONE PERSON with TWO NATURES.

I am breaking down rather too much, but its for the benefit of all who have no theological education.

When the Lord came to the world, he took flesh and became man. This means he “became like us in everything except sin” He had a human flesh, heart, soul etc. When he died and resurrected, he rose with this human nature, when he ascended, he took this nature with him. Christ did not “abandon” or cast away this nature, since it is through it that we can connect with his divinity.

St Augustine says “God became man that we may become gods”

It means that in Christ, the humanity of ours and God’s divinity becomes one and inseparable. God meets us in Christ, and we in turn meet God in him.

Therefore, forever and ever, our human nature has become tied to the Divine Person of the Word. Christ was Only God from all eternity, and later became man in Mary’s womb and continues even after his ascension to be both Man and God. Fully God and Fully man, not in parts.


I hope this explanation suffices. Ask questions if need be. Peace be with you !

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