Are you being attacked by a pack of demons?

You have bad dreams, nightmares and all right?

You don’t have a lot going your way right?

You’re stuck in the same place for years right?

You’re thinking “i’m being attacked by demons”. The only problem is you’re right, but you’re probably the only demon attacking you and you too are the exorcist who can deliver yourself.


If you pray and act, you can scatter the darkness of self pity and realize these :

God doesn’t give you money as reward for being baptized, you work and earn.

When you have nightmares you’re probably superstitious, saw a horror stuff, live in a neighborhood with a bad odor (which can affect your dreams at night).

You need to be more in tune with reason to have a healthier faith because God gave you reason to work closely with your faith. Faith perfects reason but NEVER goes against it.

Stop believing every little adversity is from the devil. You’re giving that guy way more credit than he deserves. Sometimes it’s your fault or sometimes things just go wrong; the world isn’t perfect. The devil isn’t omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, only God is. The devil is a limited creature like you and me, mischievous, yes, but does not have any power over the children of God. Stop blaming him or other people for your actions or for anything that happens to you. Just learn to keep seeking God in the midst of all, keep being positive.

Be brave enough to take blames when you do something wrong and be brave to make up for it. If you can stand up to yourself and challenge yourself, no demon can conquer you.

Finally, believe in God totally to shield you from any harm; yet trust in his wisdom for when you get hurt. You are way too short to see the future from where you stand. He knows why anything happens. If you love him, he’ll be your only priority: your goal and your prize. If he is your prize every other material blessings will finally have their place in your life for God sits on top of all things and shines on all parts of your life. Do not worry what the demons are doing, worry more about being in the state of grace, being sin-free and working hard on your relationship with God.

This way, you become resplendent; you become beautiful in the eyes of the world, and way too powerful for the kingdom of darkness.


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