Someone just sent us a message complaining he has some problem, and when asked said “he has bad dreams, especially seeing food”.

Before we begin

I know so many people here will definitely fight against us when we try to take this away from them. Many people cannot survive without having something to be scared of. Once you convince them to throw away one of them, they eagerly fight to secure another thing to be scared of.

Attempting to answer:

Dreams are natural phenomena. It is basically a replay of images stored in the subconscious. The mind at that time loses part of its consciousness and is set to wander off, putting images together thus forming a dream. Different thinkers will have their own explanation for the phenomenon, but the ideas are roughly the same: Dreams are natural.

Some are just too after attaching meaning to every small dream that sometimes they bring several bad things upon themselves; they fail to carry out their duties, they are too scared to do what they’re supposed to, they are too sad because of their dreams. But, i assure you, there is absolutely nothing in dreams to be scared of, they are just normal. When i dream of my death, i don’t worry about it, of even worse things and i go about my normal life.

I have been trained in Church traditions, also in Monastic (Cistercian) Tradition, and i assure you, after all the instruction i have received, the only dream i avoid is having sex. I love flying (in fact i flew last night in my dream !) These things affect you sometimes when you believe them, they can be psychosomatic.

When to be concerned?

I acknowledge the fact that some Catholic spiritual masters believe that dreams can also carry a certain spiritual meaning, but have always set forth a couple of things to distinguish between what is natural from the spiritual.

1. If you keep having EXACTLY the same dream over and over: this rarely happens, but when it does, it could mean something and i strongly recommend meeting with a priest or a medical professional. Now, the dreams will not be similar but EXACTLY the same, with every little detail the same. When this is the case, it could be a message or some sickness.

2. If you learn something in the dream that you never knew before. Those things DO NOT include anything bad, or anything concerning the evil others do or are planning. I only mean things like Definition of a word (this has happened to me before), or learn something equally factual and verifiable.

Being in the state of grace: the only thing that matters

Some time ago when i still believed in dreams, i was hardly at peace, I’d lose peace when i see someone i love die, or some tragedy befall me, etc. When i began to study and pray, i began to grow spiritually according to Catholic Tradition, i started seeing how immature i had been all the while. Now, when i have a bad dream, i wake up, visit the rest room, and delve right back to sleep without the faintest worry. Now i function better, live joyfully etc. The devil can use such means to make you lose peace and joy, and Jesus wants you to be joyful, to be at peace. “My peace i give you”.

When you focus on such things, you lose peace. What i do is to give myself to God who alone knows how to protect me from spiritual assaults, i cannot fight the devil on my own; it is God who keeps me protected. My only worry is to remain in the state of grace and once i do, i belong totally to God and the devil cannot steal me away no matter what he does.


I assure you, once you give up superstition, your life becomes more peaceful. When you give your heart completely to Jesus; this peace and joy become complete and nothing the devil does can take it away. Dream or no dream, Jesus is king in your heart, he sits in its inner Chambers, ruling as Lord of life and light; scattering every darkness that may come before you, keeping the devil poles away, and guiding you to eternal blessedness.

I am teaching what is in line with the Church’s tradition, you are free to keep your personal beliefs, but let those in whose mind reside the true Catholic Spirit, take this and grow a step further in their ascent to God’s holy Mountain.



God bless ! Help us share !

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