O dearest Saint Joseph,
I consecrate myself to your honour
and give myself to you,
that you may always be my father,
my protector and my guide
in the way of salvation.
Obtain for me a greater purity of heart
and fervent love of the interior life.
After your example may I do all my actions
for the greater glory of God,
in union with the Divine Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
O Blessed Saint Joseph,
pray for me,
that I may share in the peace
and joy of your holy death.



  • St.Josep..Please help me i’m weating for may Visa,,,because i want to go for vaccation to the philippines?its been long time i didnt see may Children. May grandchildren..please i;m begging you! Amen!

  • uzochukwu says:


  • donna says:

    St. Joseph i pray to u to make my husband and i 1 again deliver my husband from evil…give him the heart to come home to his famiy mentally and emotionally. amen

  • roula says:

    please Saint Joseph help my husband sndsonto find good opportunities of work thank you !!!i will always be grateful yo you and ehat you have donr in thr past for us!!

  • leslie thomas says:

    I pray St Joseph to open the doors of employment for me an my boyfriend.

  • Jane Mary says:

    I pray to you St Joseph to help my two sons recover from the illness they are battling. Hear my prayers. Amen

  • Michelle says:

    Please St Joseph I have been praying to you to please help my son and daughter-in law sell there home they have been apart now for two months my son had to move out of state for his job and is living in a trailer away from his family and my daughter-law has to stay behind with my grandsons until there house sells please St Joseph help them and keep them safe Amen

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