Absolution of sins; the divine power acting in priests

By September 27, 2017 Articles

The Priest Forgives sins through the Power of Christ acting in him; he is a sharer in the Divinity of Christ. You say i have spoken abomination? I tell you, you yourself do not understand the meaning of sacaramental power. At baptism, a human being acts in the name of Christ and His Church in infusing divine life in an infant. You say the priest should not be made to look as if he can do what only God can (which is forgiving sin), yet it is clear that God wants man to participate in things he alone can do. The humanity of Christ introduces the possibility of God sharing in man’s actions and Man sharing in God’s. When at baptism a Priest, or even you yourself say “I baptize you” what does this mean? You give life to another soul !

And bear in mind that ONLY God can give life, yet you can also give this life because you share in it; because God has given you the power to give this life. “Giving life” here simply means acting in the stead of Christ in the sacramental celebration.

So when a priest says “I absolve you” let it not marvel you, for the Lord breathed on the Apostles in the scriptures and said

“Receive the Holy Spirit, whatever sins you forgive are forgiven, whatever sin you retain, are retained” (See Jn 20: 22/23)

Mind you he said “you forgive” not “you tell them i forgive” he said “you forgive” showing it is actually the Priests who carry out this mission of forgiveness in his place.

If you say its a lie, then why did Christ speak those words in the first place? or was the Gospel lying as to its meaning?

Confession has been practiced right from the beginning of Christianity, Msgr. Louis Gaston de Segur even traced its origin to the Jews before Christ. The Jews confessed their sins to the priest who in turn would offer atonement sacrifice for the penitent. There are many documents written by early Christians containing teachings on confession and absolution, even though the practice of confession differ from the practice we have today, still the fact is, they believed that God gave his Church power to set men free from their sins. They seemed to have no problem with this, until some “KNOW-IT-ALL” people began to redefine teachings that has always been clear; confusing people who have little or no instruction. They BROKE away from orthodox Christian practice in their quest to be more christian, they believed they were wiser and better than billions who have died for this faith; that they were the “chosen” ones to whom God revealed a “secret” teaching.


God bless you

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