By June 26, 2015 Prayers, Prayers to Saints

O blessed Saint Anthony,
I place my studies under your powerful protection.
Through your intercession,
may the Holy Spirit fill me with light, strength, intelligence and humility.
I implore the creator of all things
to grant me the ability to grasp things correctly,
and the talent of exact in my explanations.



  • Zara Hoomkwap says:

    Thank you saint Anthony. Pls tell Jesus to provide my needs. Especially a house and my car to heal me and my family to provide jobs for us. We want to marry and have our chidren.

  • eldon says:

    St.Anthony please help me to be a builder one day.

  • Elizabeth Cameron says:

    What a wonderful prayer to say along with the Our Father and Hail Mary before our homeschool day starts!! Thank you!!

  • eliza says:

    Pls help me phu saint antny na hope mka skul na ako ng college un tlga wish ko

  • mary ann says:

    St.anthony pls.pray for me and tell to papa jesus heal me all my pain and protect my family …my children ..amen. thank you

  • Christina Adjei says:

    Saint Anthony please intercede on my behalf . That our Lord Jesus will enlighten me in my exams and help my business grow do that can help the need in the society and my family. Amen

  • cellini says:

    Please saint Anthony help me deliver the grace of lord Jesus Christ,mama Mary to answer my prayer for my family and the only man that I love forever…thank u

  • angelica says:

    Saint Anthony pls always take gud care of my family esp.my 3 children. Guide them in school, in their studies and in all things. Thank u ..amen.

  • Martha Mejia says:

    St. Anthony, pls help my kids get their financial aid, so they won’t quit. Help them to have patience n faith.

  • catherine caligagan says:

    Thank you saint Anthony always provide us all out daily needs at homeprotect y family, cure the sickness of my husband was suffering diabetic and high blood pressure, guide my three kids and there studies always

  • elaine says:

    St. Anthony please me to fulfill my dreams in life, help me to pass the LET exam.. give me a powerful knowledge during the exam.. please tell Jesus and to almighty father,mama Mary and to all saints up there to hear my prayer.. St. Anthony please do hear me.. thank u.. amen

  • abt says:

    Please st. Anthony prsy for me that I pass the nursing program. To become a nurse. Help to stay focus on my studies n to remember stuff. Amen

  • Harshani says:

    Most power full st. Anthony.. Plz protect my family.. I love them a lot.. Give me the courage to complete my every targets in my life.. I need a job , because I have to complete my wishes to my family.. I need to treat well them by my own money.. So plz help me to succeed my thoughts & protect me & my family in evry where be with us.. Amen

  • Amanda Brewer says:

    Please help me get my memory back. I know you lost yours.

  • Sam says:

    Saint Anthony pls help intercede for to find a good job, and find a true and good purpose to live

  • Anselm Lakra says:

    Help my children to study well and give them the power of concentration. Bless them for they study in ur names school.

  • joan says:

    St Anthony help my hubby 2 get a better job n intercede foe us with the blessing of the fruit of the womb

  • Denise P says:

    Please, St. Anthony, please hear and answer my prayers.

  • Phide says:

    please pray to God to see me through out my studies. thank you

  • O st antony some one cheated me and taken money from me and not replacing that money give him little kindness than he can replace my money back o st antony hear my prayer and give answer

  • Elijah says:

    Saint Anthony please save us from the evil and from all kinds of disease…and please save us from all the calamities..Lord Jesus Christ together with Saint Jude and Saint Anthony please answer our family prayer…thank you very much in advance for the tourist visa you will give to us in Jesus name..Amen.

  • Angela says:

    Saint Anthony please intercede for my need especially money to continue my school program

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