By August 21, 2018 Prayers, Prayers to Jesus
Are there really sins reserved only to the pope to forgive?

Jesus, Almighty King of kings,
You Who obeyed Your Father to the end,
Teach me the meaning of obedience.
My soul burns to comply to Your Will,
Striving to charm Your Divinity.
While my worldly nature seeks one way,
My spiritual nature seeks another.
Bless me with the strength to obey,
That my soul may subdue both natures,
Blending them as a fair aromatic bloom.
I always seek favour in Your eyes,
To always obey You until my last breath!


  • Ann herbert says:

    Dear god I know that I am a disobedent child I ask of you forgiveness for I know that I do belived in you and have much faith in you although I don’t obey your comandments, you are always there for me, forgive me lord and bless me with the spirt to be your servent and to be a true christian you are a good god please blessed me father

  • Sylvia bankson says:


  • Chidindu says:

    Have mercy on me, Lord. Do not give up on me, until I do becomes all that you want of me. Amen.

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