By August 21, 2018 Prayers, Prayers to Jesus

Saviour, Majestic Redeemer of mankind,
Through Your kindness and forgiveness,
You secured what was rightfully Yours.
Having sinned against Your greatness,
Lured away by the prince of darkness,
Your mercy released me from bondage.
Grant me the insight of this great mercy,
That I may understand the sinful nature
And be as merciful as Your Holy Grace.
Merciful Lord, anchor my soul to Heaven,
Never letting it out of Your sight,
Ensuring my eternal presence with You!

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  • Visuca Mazo says:

    If we are lapsed, or unlucky enough to incur in sin, it is expected of us to go to Confession, REPENT truly, AND, -if it is possible at all- make amends for whatever it is that we have done wrong. THEN, and only then, I would exercise charity and have compassion. If these requirements are not met, I would ‘shake the dust from my shoes’ and leave the offenders.

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