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Gentle Jesus, who cured the sick and laid a healing hand upon the lame, the blind and the handicapped, look with compassion upon me in my suffering. If it is not your Will to cure me, then give me strength to bear my burden and offer it up to You. You suffered so much for me. Give me grace to offer my sufferings in union with Your own, in reparation for my sins and those of others, for the needs of this troubled world, and for the release of the souls in purgatory. Mary, compassionate Mother, pray for your weary child. Health of the Sick, Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for me. Amen.


  • ditas king says:

    i pray for the healing of my niece who is suffering from depression…may God heal her & make her well again. thanks Jesus for all our blessings.

  • Maricar says:

    God is good all the time through pain we gain his tender love. Coz he never leaves us empty this sinner work. He showered us more blessings.
    Let’s turn back to him.

  • Agnes says:

    Been sick for the last two mths. Gone to the hospitals done so many tests and doctors didn’t find anything wrong with me. My problem is my legs feel heavy and become very cold and feel funny can’t walk properly and u cannot run. Please pray for me to our Lord so that he can heal me.

  • Jeannie Lott says:

    In your name I pray for my sister.

  • Kabelo says:


  • denise camacho says:

    I pray for the healing of myself. Prayers needed for me to walk again. In Jesus name Amen..

  • Lord Jesus I pray for special request on financial help with urgent necessary bills pending. Lord you know I have the dollars coming in but the hold up I don’t know why. I have four babies staying with me a total of eight people and my electricily is going to be shut off the babies are one and two the boys are 11 and 16, all my grandchildren. Thank you Jesus for helping me to have to stay on as long as it has. It has been hot over three digit numbers and we are thankfut for what blessings you have given me. They are healthy, good babies, I just want to keep them safe a roof over their head and feed. Lord Jesus have mercy on me and my children. In Jesus name. I thank you in advance for your loving caring LOVE. Amen.

  • Mary Lake says:

    I am praying for my brother Chuck Eble who has stomach cancer. He is now taking chemo. He was unable to take it this week because of a low blood count. Please pray that his blood level raises enough to take it next week. Thanking all that pray and all that do not.

  • Korito says:


  • mary says:

    I pray for my father whose sight is failimg that Our Lord Jesus will restore his sight back to him so that he will come to the Holy catholic church. Amen.

  • john k uthup says:

    I pray for all who r looking for your healing touch.Amen

  • dear jesus i pray for me as i have one kidney n lot more problem but with love i have for you i pray for healing thank you jesus mary amen

  • faith says:

    dear god i pray that you heal my heart condition so i can raise my daughter and be around for my family to help thankyou for all that i have been given good and bad. i just dont want to die too young like my young brother did not long ago. goodnight jesus goodnight mary lord hear my prayer

    • Larry Chinedu says:

      I pray 4 my mother’s healing and my own diseases dat ar troubling me, and many other sick ppls in hosptal,nd home @ large. In d Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  • Julieta Madiam says:

    Im praying for all the sick,those who suffering from illness that the Lord Almighty touch them and heal them in Jesus name.Amen…

  • Cindy Baligaya says:

    Almighty God, praying my daughter ur miraculous healing no more suffering of many pain… she is having chemo for 5days starting today.God I ask forgiveness for our sins…have mercy on us,grant our prayers…thank u ..Amen

  • ssagala charles says:

    Am praying for myself to be healed

  • Jeffrey says:

    I pray for the healing of my father….

  • marjo lasay says:

    i pray for my healing.. the left side of my body felt so numb.. mostly in my arm.. god please heal me.. amen

  • cristina laluan says:

    dear lord please heal my husband’s sickness he is now suffering from ulcer amen

  • Pauline says:

    I pray for the healing of my niece, John Javier who is now limping following his fall. Bless him Dear Father. Please heal him and make him feel better. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Pauline says:

    I pray for the healing of my nephew, John Javier who is now limping following his fall. Bless him Dear Father. Please heal him and make him feel better. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • rymondrobben says:

    dear Lord may you help me in all i need in my life for the sake of your gory and love, you know what i need before i ask..Though our Lord Jesus CHRIST who lives…AMEN

  • Daniel Clarence G. Mesah says:

    Oh Lord my God, I pray to u for good health and peace into my life

  • Carol says:

    I pray dear Lord for you to heal me from ovarian cancer so I can raise my two young daughters. Please show me your mercy and restore my body to health. Amen.

  • cristina laluan says:

    lord jesus please heal the sickness of my husband and also my heart failure and for my grand daughter she has a fever now amen

  • Patti says:

    I pray for my two beautiful babies and my family. May the Lord Jesus place his healing hands upon them.

  • Denise says:

    Please a healing of my back. Discs vertabre spine sciatica nerves joints facets adverse reactions Head thyroid u mentioned Other issues.thank you in advance

  • Please pray for the cure of my 3 cancers stage 4, and the cure of my daughters lupus, rhematoid arthritis and shogrens and for the cure of all…Thank you and God Bless

  • naldy says:

    Pls pray for my special child rhaymond, hoping that he will be cured, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN

  • Ven says:

    I am pray for the healing of my mother who was under treatment in hospital for her heart enlargement causing diabetes and pneumonia and to undergo operation removal of water/fluids in her lungs. God bless us all.. In Jesus name Amen..

  • Mrs. Purita T. Octaviano says:

    Please help me pray for the healing of my daughter-in-law who is suffering from stomach cancer. She just had her second chemo and her feet feel numb. She also feels very hot throughout her body.

  • breegen parke says:

    I am praying for the healing of my mother who hasn’t been well for a few years now, she has COPD and has been in and out of hospital alot, she has no quality of life, she’s such a good woman, god bless her amen.

  • Angeline Maina says:

    Amen…i need that healing in Jesus name.

  • Owen Naps says:

    Lord Jesus, I beg for your divine healin upon my life,d doc said my stroke level is high (partial brain damage)worse of all things are very rough right now cant afford the drugs yet. Lord I beg for your mercy. Please c me thru.

  • loveth says:

    I pray for cure to my menstrual pain…it’s s severe that even drugs cnt cure it,,,,heal me Lord Jesus

  • ethel says:

    I pray for my good health.and healing for my nephew who has SCD I also pray for my mother

  • kassiana chale says:

    Amen please pray for my any sickness in my body lord in the name of Jesus!

  • G.C says:

    Lord Jesus, please heal us. Heal what ever needs to be heal in me. I feel a lot of pain in my body. Lord please heal me. Amen

  • Janet says:

    I pray for my depression/anxiety that the Holy Spirit cures me in Jesus name amen.

  • Stella Gonzales Vidales says:

    Dearest Jesus, Most Merciful Mother Mary, I offer this healing prayer on behalf of our only daughter, Esmeralda. Please place your most loving & healing hands upon her and rid her of the Gastroparesis she has been suffering from these past 2 1/2 yrs. Heal her body so that she be able to keep life-sustaining, nourishing food in her stomach and not throw it all up. Please, Jesus, please don’t let her die! She’s our only daughter and we love her so much! I’d GLADLY give my life for her’s if it meant she would be able to live a long, healthy life and get to see her 2 beautiful children grow up and graduate from high school, college, get married and make Esmeralda a grandmother! Please heal my baby girl from that lifetaking disorder, please! Don’t take her from us, please! I’m begging you, Sweet Savior! In your Holy name I pray. Amen.

  • mercy says:

    i pray for my family so that God may protect us from evil

  • Christiana Ngozi says:

    I pray for divine healing for you are my only hope, Amen

  • Mildred. says:

    Most gracious and loving father, Always present before his children for campassion. Father i committee our entire family in too u healing hands. That any sicknessin our bodies not from u daddy may u pour ur healing hands on us for quick recovery in the name of jesuse. May mary our dearest mother interced for us now and for ever Amen.

  • Annmarie says:

    I pray for Johnny who has cancer dear Lord please help him he is a kind person.

  • Sujatha Das says:

    My dear Jesus, heal my sister Sumitha of her sickness, the doctors say they can just treat her sickness and keep it at bay but there is no cure. Jesus prove them wrong, merciful father look with pity upon your little child. Heal her Jesus, I ask this pray through our loving and healing mother Mary….. Amen

  • Nikko Soriano says:

    I pray for the healing of my brother Jeffrey John
    Lord Jesus please heal my brother
    Give him strength and courage
    Touch him with your healing hands
    Let him live as a normal person again
    In Jesus name Amen

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