O merciful Jesus!
Who didst in Thine early infancy
commence Thine office of Saviour,
by shedding Thy precious Blood,
and assuming for us that Name which is above all names;
we thank Thee for such early proofs of Thine infinite love;
we venerate Thy sacred Name,
in union with the profound respect of the Angel
who first announced it to the earth,
and unite our affections to the sentiments of tender devotion
which the adorable Name of Jesus has in all ages
enkindled in the hearts of Thy servants.
Animated with a firm faith in Thine unerring word,
and penetrated with confidence in Thy mercy,
we now most humbly remind Thee of the promise Thou hast made,
that when two or three should assemble in Thy Name,
Thou Thyself wouldst be in the midst of them.
Come, then, into the midst of us,
most amiable Jesus!
for it is in Thy Sacred Name we are here assembled.
Come into our hearts,
that Thy Holy Spirit may pray in and by us;
and mercifully grant us,
through that adorable Name,
which is the joy of heaven,
the terror of hell,
the consolation of the afflicted,
and the solid ground of our unlimited confidence,
all the petitions we make in this Novena.

O Blessed Mother of our Redeemer;
who didst participate so deeply
in the sufferings of thy dear Son,
when He shed His sacred Blood,
and assumed for us the Name of Jesus;
obtain for us through that adorable Name,
the favours we petition in this Novena.
Beg, also, that the most ardent love
may imprint on our hearts that sacred Name,
that it may be always in our minds,
and frequently on our lips;
that it may be our defence in temptations,
and our refuge in danger,
during our lives,
and our consolation and support
in the hour of death.

To this may be added the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus.



  • Holy Mother of GOD ,,Please help me and please answer my prayer,,AMEN,,

  • Agatha says:

    Come to our aid in times of trouble, guide and protect us from the attarcks of our enermies and evil ones in JESUS name amen

  • Doris , Lambertdoris says:

    Thank you Jesus .

  • Maria Luz says:

    Dear Jesus please grant my prayer..thank you Lord..Amen.

  • Jessica says:

    Thank You my gracious Lord God for Your undying love, mercy and compassion as I face this ordeal.Thank You for the prayers, love and support from my family and friends, for the financial, moral and spiritual support afforded to me. have mercy on me, a sinner and for holding on till I overcome gloriously all the trials that come my way. I’m sorry for all my sins and please forgive all my wrongdoings. Bless my life and I pray for Your Divine protection and intervention as I tread this earthly life. I give back all the glory, praises and honor in Jesus’ together with the intervention of Thy Holy Spirit through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary with all the angels and saints. Amen and Amen.

  • Lord Jesus thank you toball the blessings that came into me….Hail Mary… Amen

  • jackie nyaga says:

    lord jesus christ have mercy on me , grant me my family , my husband Amos , so as we live being a good family, please help to reunite again , give us love , in jesus name Amen

  • Lidwin says:

    Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy on us. we trust in Thee in all our needs. You are our creator and redeemer, comforter and healer. You are the great I Am. All glory and honour to your Holy name. Amen

  • rose says:

    Lord Jesus please help my son during this difficult time. Walk and guide him to overcome what he’s going through. Help him to be happy and at peace inside as we move forward to continue our life and that his belief in you will give him strength and courage to go forward. I pray to you with all my heart and soul. Amen ❤

  • Protus Onchoke says:

    I need to deepen my spiritual journey. Can I get more reading materials?

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