Do not be downcast whenever you fall back into the sin you so much struggle against; when you break your promise to God. Whenever you fall, you need to rise and fight again. Do not wait another second, fight back !

What you should know is God is always willing to help you, supporting you through your struggles. He wants you to conquer this and other bad habits, however do not expect it to disappear all of a sudden. It takes time, prayer, more prayer, Frequent Confession (which heals the wounds of sin), and frequent Holy Communion (i.e. Worthy communion which gives life to your soul and makes you strong against sin; Christ heals your weak soul and empowers you).

What is needed is:

A sincere  struggle against sin and its occasions, not lying to yourself/God. Insincerity is what makes our sins worse, and shows we are not willing to repent. When we are sincere, we have hope of being saved from our sins, we admit before God our sinfulness and bad habit. He in turn heals us when we have shown serious commitment towards eliminating this sin. God is always willing to help you, if you are willing to receive his help. Deceiving oneself is the surest way to hide from God’s help.

This is not an encouragement to sin, as a matter of fact when you sin with the thought “After all later i will go for confession”, you are still deceiving yourself, since chances are that God will not forgive you because of your insincerity. Unless of course you repent from the habit of being insincere. I have written this for all those who think themselves as rotten because of their bad habits, who wish to live in holiness but keep falling, and who because of this hate themselves. God cannot hate you, you are not rotten, God loves you more than you know and i am sure God does not love rotten things. You are loved by God !


WE love and pray for you !

May the Lord save us from sin. Amen.


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